HOW TO APPLY FOR  Project Grants:

What to include in the proposal

Proposal submissions must contain the following:

a. Cover letter

  • Name and address of the applicant including phone and email
  • Name and address of the sponsoring institution
  • Title of the proposed project
  • A brief summary of the topic of the proposed project, in a few sentences

b. Proposal abstract
An abstract of the proposal of no more than one page must be included, with the applicant’s name and institution on this page.

c. Body of the proposal
The body of the proposal must be no longer than five pages, single-spaced with 10 or 12-point font acceptable. References can be added in a separate document. Proposals should be written in a clear and concise manner for a general academic audience. The body of the proposal must contain the following sections:

  • Description of the project
  • Significance of the project, addressing the broader impact that this work will have on society
  • Research plan and methodology (if relevant)
  • Dissemination plans, including a description of how the results of the work will be disseminated to a broader audience. Will the results be published in a book, academic articles, available on the web, or through other means?

d. References
References and support for this project can be included in a separate document from the body of the proposal and should be clearly labeled.

e. Project budget
A detailed project budget is required along with justification for each budget item. Acceptable budget items may include: honoraria, fees, travel expenses, conference or workshop costs, reasonable living expenses, and research-related expenses, for example.

f. Other project donors
If you expect to receive funding from other sources, please list them.

g. Timeline
A timeline of the project must be included which states the planned completion date.

h. Applicant’s Curriculum Vitae
Applicants should submit a current CV with their applications.

Applicants should submit electronic files by email to the following address: