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FUNDING ANNOUNCEMENT: Request for proposals for


RON MATSKO-ENSEL SCHOLARSHIP (deadline April 30, 2014); 

PROJECT GRANTS (deadline April 30, 2014) 


What is Biosophy?

“Biosophy is the science and art of intelligent living based on the awareness and practice of spiritual values, ethical-social principles and character qualities essential to individual freedom and social harmony.”
-Dr. Frederick Kettner

The Biosophical Institute

Welcome to the web site for the Biosophical Institute. The Biosophical Institute, with headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, is dedicated to furthering the philosophy of Dr. Frederick Kettner and the objectives of Biosophy. As a private, non-profit foundation, the Biosophical Institute provides programs and funding for grants and scholarships furthering character and peace education. The objectives of the Biosophical Institute are as follows:


  • To support and advance Biosophical Principles through outreach, study, grants, scholarships, character and peace education.
  • To maintain a history of the Biosophical Institute, its literature and writings, through archiving and publications.
  • To educate the public about Biosophy and the work of Frederick Kettner, PhD, through publications, newsletters, seminars, and web site.
  • To work for the synthesis of religion, philosophy and science.
  • To work with others who are aspiring to overcome religious, national, racial and social prejudices in order to create the growth of democracy and world peace.

Contact Information:
Mailing address:
PO Box 21155
South Euclid, Ohio 44121
phone: (216) 382-0579