Ron Matkso-Ensel

Ron Matkso-Ensel, 1955-2006

Ron Matsko-Ensel devoted his life in service to others. This service took many forms: as an actor and creative dramatist; an education coordinator for a women’s shelter; an intake counselor at a community service center; executive director and vice president of the Biosophical Institute; and in his commitment to and love for his family, his wife Denise of 17 years, and their two sons Alexander and Ian.

A talented and creative individual, Ron grew up in Sheffield Lake, Ohio, where he found an outlet for his creativity through acting in high school plays; he later went on to graduate from Northwestern University in theater. He moved to Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania to study acting with Alvina Krause, and, in 1978, became one of the founding members of the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble. He later settled in Hazleton, Pennsylvania with his family.

Utilizing his background in theater and his work for a women’s shelter, Ron educated young people to the dangers of abusive relationships through role-playing, using creative dramatics and interactive performances in the public schools to illustrate situations and drive home ethical lessons. He also developed a peace and character education curricula for elementary students, which included cooperative play and original tales that promoted peace and ethics.

Ron was an educator on many levels, whether working for peace and character education or helping to illuminate biosophical ideas that contributed to others’ and his own spiritual growth. He was aware of biosophy through his relationship with his parents—especially his mother—his siblings, and friends. His parents had known Dr. Kettner and had been part of the Biosophical Group in Cleveland. Ron greatly valued friendship and was a successful teacher because he was also a lifelong student—of Spinoza, Biosophy, and other people—and a good listener.

Ron Matsko-Ensel died of cancer in 2006. His legacy is one of compassion, kindness, spiritual self-discovery and thankfulness.

It is in this spirit that the Ron Matsko-Ensel Scholarship for Teachers is named.