Programs: Upcoming programs at the Center.

P.E.A.C.E.  Peace through Ethical Action and Creative Education

It is with this theme that you will find upcoming and scheduled programming at the Center listed here.

Coming Soon: Dates to be determined.

Artists In Community

What is it like to live in a community like Bath and connect on an artistic level with others. ¬†Find out when Elizabeth Clarke and Marian Green lead a workshop that will allow you to “open a door” to your creative self and examine what it can mean to build an artistic community.

This workshop will occur early winter.


Building a Sustainable Garden

Based on the garden in the front of the Center, local artist and designer, Kdb, will hold several workshops throughout the winter into spring to share her garden design we used at the Center. It was developed to coordinate native species, attract pollinators and lessen our carbon footprint by eliminating a lawn that had to be mowed and replacing it with a garden that requires less water than most.